Making your slow Magento admin interface fast

If you’re experiencing a slow Magento admin interface try either or both of the following.

Using Magento 1.5ish you may find the following line


in “/app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/Catalog/ProductController.php”.

Comment it out. You should see a tremendous improvement.

Secondly, you may change the indexing update mode.

  1. Log in to admin area.
  2. Go to the “Index Management” page through “System => Index Management”.
  3. Select indexes you want to change. If you’re unsure, select all.
  4. “Change Index Mode” from the “actions” drop down.
  5. Selecting this will show another dropdown “Index Mode”.
  6. Select “Manual Update” from “Index Mode” dropdown.
  7. Click “Submit” button

You will see message like “Total of X index(es) have changed index mode.” This should make adding and modifying products significantly faster. You may no longer have a performance problem.

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2 thoughts on “Making your slow Magento admin interface fast”

  1. Part of the problem can be solved by the extension Catalog Database Accelerator in case if saving the products in the backend takes you too much time. The system needs to make re-indexing of the entire site each time you change the catalog and it makes to work Magento backend extremely slow. With this module a user does not have to manually index the site, to sit and wait – the system itself does the re-indexing in the background mode.

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