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Managing /etc with etckeeper and git

The following was done on Fedora 14. Keep in mind that the Etckeeper and git specific actions will be similar on whatever platform you’re on.

Simply put, Etckeeper automatically revisions your /etc folder. Allows you to compare, commit and revert the changes that have been made. It’ll also allow you to restore files, should you be unlucky and delete them. Once etckeeper is installed, it will work together with your package manager and cron to do its work. To manage all this you’ll use the commands that your chosen VCS (Version Control System).

Etckeeper supports Git, Bazaar, Darcs and Mercurial.

Use of Etckeeper


yum install etckeeper


etckeeper init

Initial commit

etckeeper commit "initial commit"

Once this is done, etckeeper will make sure that every time you use the package manager (YUM) changes will be recorded. There are however a few git related commands you should be aware of.

Useful and necessary commands

Note: All of these commands assumes your current path is /etc

Viewing the Git log

git log

Check if there’s any modified files

git status

Complete status overview

git log --stat --summary

Revert a change

git revert 

View changes you haven’t commited yet

git diff

List different commits, each on one line.

git log --pretty=oneline

Revert to latest change-set, discarding changes

git reset --hard

Re-enter commit message

git commit --amend

Have at it folks!

// CrashMAG