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Linux KVM host to guest connectivity

If you’re experience a lack of connectivity between your KVM host and your guests please see below. The instructions below will only directly work on Debian and/or Ubuntu. They will also require your guests to use macvlan or macvtap. This will also work if you’re using LXC.

Add the following to your


configuration file. You need to adjust the network portion of the example below according to your own setup.

auto macvlan0
iface macvlan0 inet dhcp
    # as eth0 and macvlan0 are on the same LAN, we must drop default route and LAN route
    pre-up route del default
    pre-up route del -net netmask
    pre-up ip link add link eth0 name macvlan0 type macvlan mode bridge

Now, either reboot or run

ifup macvlan0

as root.

// CrashMAG