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Creating a bootable firmware bios update iso for your Supermicro motherboard

This is a short guide in how you can create your own bootable DOS iso image so that you may upgrade the bios of your Supermicro motherboard. A short overview of the process is as follows.

    Downloading the freedos OEM CD builder
    Downloading 64-bit binaries for mkisofs.exe (Optional depending on your OS)
    Downloading the BIOS firmware
    Booting the ISO and running the BIOS update

Downloading the freedos OEM CD builder

    Go to http://www.fdos.org/bootdisks/ and download the FDOEMCD.builder.zip file.
    Extract the content to any location of your choice. I prefer to use the “extract here” option provided by tools such as 7-zip. So from here on, this folder will be referred to as “FDOEMCD”.

Downloading 64-bit binaries for mkisofs.exe

It should go without saying that you only need this step if you’re on a 64-bit Operating System.

    Go to http://smithii.com/cdrtools and download the cdtools-latest.zip.
    From this zip file, extract “mkisofs.exe” and “cygwin1.dll” and put them in your “FDOEMCD” folder. Accept the prompt for overwriting the “mkisofs.exe” file already there.

Downloading the BIOS firmware

    Go to http://www.supermicro.com/support/bios/ and download the BIOS for your particular motherboard.
    Extract the content of this .zip file into “FDOEMCD\CDROOT”.
    The ISO will be read-only so you’ll need to modify “FDOEMCD\CDROOT\AMI_2.bat” file. Remove the 2 following entries:


    Then rename AFUDOSU.smc files to an executable (.exe). I have no idea why they do it this way, but they do. And due to read-only media we’re creating it’s a no go.

Creating the ISO image

Simply run “FDOEMCD\makeiso.bat” from command prompt. And you’ll end up with fdoem.iso in this folder.

Booting the ISO and upgrading the BIOS

Boot the iso using your preferred choice, most likely being IPMI. Run the following

ami_2.bat <your bios binary file>

Wait until it is done and reboot.

// CrashMAG