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Setting up and configuring the Deluge 1.3 web interface on a headless server

This is a continuation of my previous article which goes through setting up and configuring the Deluge daemon. In my example I use Arch Linux. You may have another distribution and the commands to install the software will differ. Arch Linux separates the web interface out in a package. Your distribution may or may not. Most do however leave the Deluge web component out. See beneath for details for Debian, Ubuntu & Fedora.

We want to set up the very slick web interface. See beneath for the screenshot.

In addition to the software we already installed there’s more to go to get the web interface working. These are not installed by default so to do so, simply run the following.

Arch Linux

# pacman -S deluge


# apt-get install deluge-webui


# yum install deluge-web

Install dependencies for deluge-web.

# pacman -S python-mako

This will also install the following dependencies

Targets (3): python-markupsafe-0.9.2-1 python-beaker-1.5.4-1 python-mako-0.3.4-3

Start the Deluge web client.

# /etc/rc.d/deluge-web start

Connect to the web client using your browser.

http://server name or IP:8112

NB: You will not be able to do the initial configuration using Google Chrome. But you can use the interface in general with Google Chrome.

Configure the password.

You can now monitor Deluge as you prefer using a web interface. If it’s set up properly you can access this from anywhere.

// CrashMAG